TCAS, short for Temperature Control and Acquisition System, is a custom-tailored computer hardware and icon driven software system. Used for accurate control of any input signals from furnace control zones, this system offers unprecedented control stability and real-time data aquisition. It utilizes a multitasking, high speed Intel based computer and data acquisition hardware.

Software Components
  • Virtually unlimited segment programming with recipe storage.
  • Temperature display with deviation and high process alarms.
  • Designed for Windows with simple, easy to use on screen programming.
  • Per zone, per segment alarm programming.
  • Automatic data recording to hard disk at user-set intervals.
  • Graphing utility to examine data directly and select and magnify of any part of the data.
  • On-screen display and updates for power levels, sensor inputs, and setpoints, with intuitive color highlighting for at a glance condition updates for each zone.
  • Operation from user-selectable modes of manual power control, setpoint control, automatic recipe control, or pause.
  • Ability to monitor, record, and graph ramp rate and ramp rate acceleration.
  • Graphical PIV tuner to aid in the fine-tuning process of each zone.
  • Hardware Components
  • Windows-based high speed computer equipped to handle multiple zones-worth of inputs and outputs with graphing and data review.
  • Six channel capacity with high resolution A/D OPTO 22 Snap Module.
  • Six channel OPTO 22 Snap Output Module.
  • All control hardware will be mounted and wired.

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