The rotation mechanism features a heavy duty frame and a precision actuator. The system is designed to be positioned below the vertical furnace with a linear translation drive system.

This system allows the operator to rotate the ampoule clockwise, stop, and rotate counterclockwise over 9,999 times, or as many as the user requires.

Translation Specifications

The actuator drive system has a lifting capacity of 10 pounds. The drive train is supplied with a size 341.8° step precision stepping motor including a low backlash, in-line gear reducer. The unit has a minimum speed capability of 0.17 mm/day and a maximum speed capability of 7.6 mm/minute. The maximum translation is 36 inches.

Rotation Specifications

A second stepper motor and micro-stepping controller/indexer permits the rotation of the crucible. The crucible support rod is capable of being rotated from .01 to 100 rpm by the second stepper motor drive train. Both clockwise and counterclockwise motion is possible.

Crucible Rotation

The crucible rotation mechanism includes a versatile micro-stepping controller featuring multiple speed resolutions from full step to 256 micro-steps per motor step, allowing for a drive resolution of 51,200 steps per revolution of the motor output shaft. The indexer control module is operated directly from the serial port of a computer. The rotation mechanism has a power requirement of 120 VAC.

Cable Specifications

The cables between the control module and the computer control system (15 feet), and between the crystal puller's indexer control module and the stepper motor are supplied.


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