The Mellen retort contains the necessary heat shields and stainless steel flange and seal assemblies to permit gas tight operation. Feed-throughs are provided in the cover plates of the retort for gas in, gas out, and temperature measurement. Mellen Retorts are designed for use with any furnace brand. The furnace and retort are capable of operating in multiple atmospheres. The retort is air-cooled. Retorts come in a variety of sizes and shapes based upon customer requirements.

The differences between the Mellen retort seal and the standard McDanel seal make all the difference for customers looking for an easy to use seal assembly. The retort comes with two seal options: the Single O-Ring and the Double O-Ring.
Single O-Ring Seal
  • The unique design of the single O-Ring seal makes it easier than ever to replace the workcharge in a sealed tube. No longer does the user have to dissasemble the entire O-Ring seal to get to their process. Instead, the user removes two screws from the assembly, takes off the cover plate, does whatever work is required inside of the tube, then replaces the plate and the screws and they are done. Compared to the McDanel method of fighting to reattach the O-ring seal, the Mellen design takes the cake.
  • The system is more reliable thanks to the removable front plate. Without the worry of constantly removing and replacing the O-Ring seal, the user is able to get back to what really counts: their process.
  • The edge of the tube is usually the most fragile, and even a single tap on the edge can cause the entire tube to crack. Mellen sought to fix this issue by using a metal plate to secure the O-Ring seal, to cover the inner edge of the tube. This way, accidental hits are taken by the strong metal plate, instead of the tube.
  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • The double O-Ring Seal offers unprecedented protection from possible leaky seals.
  • The double O-Ring includes a seal check system with the addition of a port. This system can let the user know if the first of the two seals are working correctly.
  • The double O-Ring port can be used to vent the process in the event of an O-Ring failure. Instead of venting the process into the atmosphere, the user can decide exactly where they want their process to vent in the occurrence of a failure.

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