The MILA Distributed Control System brings ease and versatility to furnace control systems. With MILA's gorgeous on screen display with real-time graphing and data recording, the days of plain LED screens and tedious control manuals are gone.

MILA includes a web interface to not only view the furnace progress, but also to download data files remotely. The HTTP Server is easy to use and revolutionizes furnace data logging.

Application Power

MILA has unmatched application power, which includes built-in relays and fuses and easy-to-program ramps. The ramps use time to setpoint or ramp at a specified rate to setpoint. The system has profiles with 50 separate ramp/soak segments and temperature dependent PIDs with new features including Asymmetric PIDs and Autofade PIDs.

Communication Flexibility

Application flexibility is assured by multiple supported communications methods (USB, RS232, RS485, TTL Serial), universal AC power supply, six thermocouple based control channels with relays or voltage outs, and multiple digital outputs.

Software Components
  • Web interface with downloadable data recordings.
  • Easy to learn command structure to interface into programming languages, as well as Labview or most HMI's.
  • Asymmetric PIDs to allow different PID values for overtemperature and undertemperature control. Your furnace doesn't heat the same way it cools, so why should your PID respond the same way for both situations?
  • AutoFade PIDs for automatic PID adjustment for smooth, uninterrupted control.
  • Hardware Components
  • iPad Interface.
  • Six thermocouple inputs.
  • Daisy chain multiple MILA boards to support large installations - up to 255 MILA boards are addressable.
  • Scanning rates of up to 80 Hertz.
  • Multiple output types, including relay, pulse train, and voltage out.
  • Multiple digital inputs.
  • Built-in relays and fuses to support up to 18 Amp switching capability (MILA-06-WR model).
  • USB, RS232, RS485, and TTL Serial communications available upon request.
  • Small size to easily fit into existing electrical cabinets.
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    MILA Specification



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