The ADAPT™ Temperature Control System and Data Logger offers unprecedented control stability and real time data acquisition capabilities. The system utilizes a multi-tasking, high-speed, Windows-based personal computer and data acquisition hardware featuring 16-bit A/D resolution.

ADAPT has the capability to control a furnace with a very high number of zones, or a large number of furnaces with just a few zones, giving the end user the ultimate in flexibility.
Software Components
  • Virtually unlimited segment programming with recipe storage.
  • Temperature display with deviation and high process alarms.
  • Simple, on-screen programming.
  • Designed for Windows.
  • 16 bit A/D resolution.
  • Fully centralized, multiple zone control.
  • Per zone, per segment alarm programming, including hold segment, shut down zone, and shut down furnace.
  • Automatic data recording to hard disk at user-set intervals.
  • Graphing utility to examine data, variable examination, and selection and magnification of any part of the data.
  • Manual power control, setpoint control, automatic recipe control, and pause.
  • On-screen display and updates for power levels, process variables, and setpoints, with intuitive color highlighting for at a glance condition updates for each zone.
  • Ability to monitor, record, and graph ramp rate and the acceleration of ramp rate.
  • Graphical PIV tuner to aid in the fine-tuning process of each zone.
  • The system is fully networkable so that users can access real-time data from a remote version of the ADAPT system. The user can have near-complete control of the furnaces they are operating right from their desk.
  • Each user is able to capture an available furnace to prevent accidental or deliberate tampering with systems and runs.
  • System Admin control is available to set user access configurations.
  • ADAPT follows Microsoft's programming conventions for creating open applications. Therefore, a programmer with only a small amount of experience in Visual Basic, Excel, Access, or even Word can easily create a custom interface for the ADAPT system. Any program that supports ActiveX or OCX will support the ADAPT system.
  • Hardware Components
  • One Windows-based high-speed personal computer properly equipped to handle multiple furnace inputs and outputs, as well as graphing and data review.
  • Up to 128 channel capacity, with high resolution 16-bit A/D.
  • Preconfigured for initial application, and easily configurable.
  • Specialized smart output (EDGE) controller to provide power output to the furnace.
  • Low-level TTL outputs for SSR relays or voltage outputs to SCRs.
  • All control hardware installed onto the PC.

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