Mellen's Active Cooling Technologies (United States Patent # 9638466) are the next generation in cooling. The design allows for automatic activation of advanced cooling for customer specified zones within the furnace. No more waiting for hours for the furnace to cool down, Active Cooling lets the customer take control of where AND when the furnace cools down. Water cooling systems use an inordinate amount of power and don't cool down nearly as quickly as most would like. Compared to water cooling systems, the Active Cooling System uses NO additional power and drastically reduces the time it takes to cool down the furnace.

Active Cooling Technologies enable the user to cool the furnace from 1000°C to under 100°C in 25 minutes or less.
Advantages of Active Cooling
  • Close control of all aspects of the furnace interior.
  • Uses no more power than the standard furnace.
  • Clean control with fast ramping up and down.
  • Less power required when compared to water cooling systems leads to lower watt density on the heating elements, prolonging element life.

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